13 Things We Realized After We Rescued a Shelter Dog


There are millions of families who bring a dog into the fold and from the moment that they do so, they are a member of the family, just like any human member. In fact, many of those families with animals would say that the dog is more of a family member than some of the humans that inhabit the same household. It makes them such a part of our life that we couldn’t imagine not having one by our side.

When it comes to bringing a dog into the family, we have a serious decision to make. We can either purchase a dog at a pet store or we can go to an animal shelter and adopt a dog in need. This is a decision that each person needs to make on their own but when you do adopt a dog, you will experience something special in your life. Those who have adopted shelter dogs understand and that is also the case with Bird Born, an artist from Russia.

This artist tells the story through pictures of a dog that became a member of his family in the greatest sense possible. They managed to go through almost everything in life and Bird Born understands exactly what the dog brings to us. When you look down through the images, you will recognize the sound of truth that it brings to the table as well.







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