95% of Women Ignore THESE Symptoms Of Thyroid Disorder. Do YOU Know The Signs?


The ladies of today are tough, intelligent, busy and trying to make their bodies healthy. But because of the busy schedules, kids or other activities, some women are ignoring symptoms of health issues that can impair their daily lives. One of the health issues that some women fail to notice or sometimes ignore are thyroid issues.

Thyroid issues are very common but sometimes go unnoticed. There is an estimated 13 million counts of undiagnosed thyroid issues, while approximately 20 million are diagnosed in United States alone. And a large number of these thyroid cases are women. So what are the symptoms of thyroid problems that a women must know?

The Most Common Signs of Thyroid Problems
There are tell-tale signs of thyroid problems that women ignore. Here are just a few of the signs of thyroid issues that you must not ignore.

Feeling Bloated
Bloating is the feeling of air or fluid in the stomach, and can be a very irritating situation. But it is not only irritating, it may also be a sign that the thyroids are having some issues in functioning well.

Fatigue and Wanting to Take a Nap
Fatigue is fairly common for most women, whether single or married. However, feeling fatigued daily with the want of taking a nap every afternoon even after a full night’s sleep is not a good sign. This might just indicate that your thyroid is underactive and is not providing the right amount of thyroid hormones in your bloodstream.

Sudden Gain of Weight
Suddenly gaining weight can be a dream come true for some women, but these are never a good sign for the health. An unhealthy thyroid can alter your cravings and can start to affect your weight gain. Weight gain even under a strict diet and exercise might mean your thyroids are underactive.


Experiencing Brain Fog
If you have been having poor concentration, poor memory or brain fog, then you may have an underactive thyroid. Without proper thyroid hormones circulating your body, you will surely have issues with your brain’s activities.

Sweating and Palpitations
The increase of thyroid hormones in your blood stream can trigger fluttering or palpitations in your heart. These palpitations are not to be ignored since these can lead to a worst heart and blood pressure issue. Another sign of a hyperactive thyroid is sweating which is caused by an abnormal heat that the body produces due to a hyperactive thyroid.

Irregular Periods and Infertility
If you notice irregularity in your menstrual period, then it might be because of an underactive thyroid. Some women experience very light period that fall farther apart, while others experience heavy periods at a long period of time. This irregularity can affect the fertility of women as well as their libido or interest in sex.

You may also notice some changes in your thyroid by checking your neck. A person with thyroid problems would often have a swollen neck, just below the Adam’s apple. When you notice any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to get yourself checked. There are now ways of getting a thorough check of your thyroid and having an early detection will surely help you prevent further damage on your thyroid and ensure you a healthier, happier life.