Banana Bread in a Mug

Got the midnight munchies? Get your banana bread fix in just five minutes with this incredibly easy and moist microwaveable banana bread recipe — that’s made in a mug!

  • This recipe boasts built-in portion control. (Thank us later.)
  • Your banana bread levels are low, and you need to get banana bread in your mouth in the next five minutes.
  • There’s that one last ripe banana in the fruit bowl that you need to eat before leaving for vacation.
  • Pretend to get out of bed to go to the bathroom — but secretly slip into the kitchen, make two mugs of banana bread, and surprise your sweetheart with a delicious, no-mess breakfast in bed.
  • You belong to a family of banana-phobes. (More banana bread for you, we say — but while you may need banana bread, you may not need an entire loaf of banana bread sitting on the counter calling out to you like, “Eat me!”)
  • Solo sweet tooth? We know how frustratingly few single-serving recipes for baked goodies there are out there.
  • No oven? No problem!
  • You love our Nutella mug cake and eggless chocolate mug cake — and you just need more microwave mug cake recipes in your life.

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