I Had No Idea This Was The Only Way You’re Supposed To Clean Cast Iron. Did You Know Too?

Cast iron is the perfect vehicle for frying. If you’re frying large or heavy food that has the potential to splatter when added to the oil, reach for a deeper, Dutch oven-style cast iron.

And maybe the best options of all is cornbread. Preheating the pan as the oven comes to temperature will impart a crunchy, golden crust to your cornbread.

What Not to Cook in Your Cast Iron Pan

Delicate pieces of fish are not the best option for a heavy-duty cast iron, especially one that hasn’t been carefully seasoned.

Cast iron takes on the flavors of whatever it’s cooking, so a pan that’s used frequently for savory recipes is not a great vehicle for sweet things and dessert.

Overly acidic foods, such as tomato sauce, can be too harsh for a cast iron pan. Not only will the acidity of the liquid potentially react with exposed metal causing damage to the pan, it can impart a metallic taste to the food.

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Source: Awm.com

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