Danish Heirloom Layer Cake

A light, moist cake perfect for any occasion! Easy to make and a delicious cake for summer, with strawberries and whipped cream!

So Light and moist ~ Not Too Sweet ~Perfect after a heavy meal!!


This recipe is so different from any cake you have ever tasted!! Give it a try….I know you will love it!!

This is a great cake to make in the summer, especially when strawberries are in season. It looks amazing and tastes even better! Great for a party or a special get together! You can even freeze the layers once cooked and thaw and decorate when needed.


Any fruit can be used for this, blueberries work well too or even a mix of berries.

This cake tastes even better the next day and the day after that….if there is any left!! The Trick is Not to Over bake the layers…or it will be dry and not nice and moist.
This will soon become Your Favorite Family Cake too!!

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