Dreamy Tomato Soup Florentine

Dreamy Tomato Soup Florentine


2 teaspoons olive oil

1 cup onions, chopped

1 garlic clove, minced

1 bay leaf

1 (28 oz) can diced tomatoes

1 cup reduced-sodium chicken or vegetable broth

2 slices whole wheat bread, crust removed, I love Milton’s multi-grain or their whole wheat bread

Fresh ground black pepper, to taste

1½ cups fresh spinach, stems removed

¼ teaspoon Italian seasonings

½ cup reduced-fat milk, as desired

¼ cup Parmesan cheese, shredded


1. Heat 2 teaspoons olive oil in a large pot over medium-high heat. Add onions, garlic and bay leaf. Cook onions until soft, about 3 minutes.

2. Add tomatoes and mash with a a potato masher or the back of a large spoon. Stir in broth.

3. Crumble in bread, Italian seasonings and pepper. Mix well. Bring up to almost a boil and then down to low and simmer for 5 minutes.

4. Stir in spinach and continue to simmer for 5 minutes.

5. Stir in ½ cup milk and cook for 2-3 minutes until heated completely. Remove bay leaf.

6. Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of cheese on top of each serving.

Makes 5 cups (each serving, 1 cup)

Nutrition Facts

for 1 cup
144 calories
5g fat
7g protein
20g carbs
3g fiber
479mg sodium
5g sugar