How To Vacuum Seal Your Freezer Bags


Easily Vacuum Seal Your Ziploc Bags With This Common Kitchen Item


Keeping food fresh is a challenge we can all relate to, right? I’ve tried all the tricks… Tupperware, Ziploc bags, the good old plate covered with plastic wrap… Let me tell you, nothing compares to a vacuum sealed bag to keep that food fresher, longer.

There are some fancy (and expensive) machines you can get for vacuum sealing food, but this technique works with nothing more than a ziploc bag and a bowl of water. It’s incredibly simple and effective. Keep it fresh!
Materials Needed:

Ziploc bag

Fill the bag with the items you want vacuum sealed.

Slowly dip the bag into the water and allow the air to seal against the plastic.

Right before the last corner hits the water seal the bag closed.

Store your food as usual and enjoy as needed!