Idiotic Teacher Refused To Allow Teenage Girl To Visit Bathroom: Girl’s Response On Facebook Causes Outrage


At one stage during the day this young lady needed to go to the bathroom, however, her teacher wouldn’t leave the classroom.

Some of you may have had similar teachers. I explained to my children that in the event of a crisis they were to go regardless of whether the teachers response and the school could expect a call from me if this situation ever transpired.

I don’t send my children to school to feel embarrassed, especially when nature calls!

Sam posted her response to this outrageous teacher actions on Facebook which has caused quite a stir.

It is disgraceful how any teacher could deny somebody their fundamental human right to use the restroom. Have a read of this!


The parents of that young child who helped that young woman ought to be exceptionally proud of what he did.

When the time comes for him to get married the woman will be very lucky.

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