Mom Finally Gets To Hold Her 12 Ounce Baby Girl Born After Only Two Weeks


When beautiful couple Angela Baker and her husband Michael received the amazing news that they were pregnant with a baby girl, they couldn’t imagine how their lives could get any better and were extremely excited. The family only ever wished for a wonderful life where they could raise children together.

However, the unthinkable happened when Angela was forced to birth her baby girl 15 weeks earlier than a normal 40-week pregnancy. Angela had only been pregnant a mere 25 weeks when she had to give birth. Their child, named Naomi Joy, had a slim chance of survival due to being born so prematurely. However, the couple showcased their strength together and the delivery was a success.

Naomi Joy was born at the Renown Regional Medical Center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Staff tried their hardest to ensure that the premature child was taken care of properly and safely. You’ve probably heard that it’s important for newborns to receive skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth in order to optimize bonding between mother and child.

However, this was not the case for Naomi Joy.

Skin-to-skin contact after birthing a child is a tactic known as kangaroo care. Research has shown that this type of contact can aid newborn premature babies in their growth and development. For this reason, Naomi Joy was taken out of her plastic NICU bubble to be with her parents.


When Naomi Joy was born, she weighed just under one pound. After spending time in her bubble, the nurses felt that it was time to let her parents assist in her growth. After a long two week stay in recovery, parents Angela and Michael were finally able to hug and hold their baby girl.

When Angela’s newborn daughter was placed onto her chest, the mother radiated pure excitement and happiness. Although Naomi had to remain in the hospital for another 128 days, the parents got to hold her every single day after this joyous moment. Thanks to the wonderful care of the nurses in the NICU and the hopefulness of her parents, Naomi is now a healthy and happy miracle!

The video captured the first time Angela was able to hold her daughter. What do you think about this inspiring story? Let us know your thoughts below!