Stop Eating These 5 Foods and Drinks and Start Having a Flatter Tummy

Who does not want to have a flatter tummy? Surely there are times when you ogle on celebrities’ flat tummies and want to have the same. And when you hear their routines and diet, you might be thinking that it just won’t be possible to snag that flat tummy you have always wanted. But sometimes, all you need is to avoid some foods and drinks and you’re off to a good start. Here are five foods and drinks you must start ignoring in order to have that flatter tummy.

Too Much Carbs
Whether it is refined carbs or natural carbohydrates, you need to make sure you lessen your intake of these foods. Refined carbs are those that come from refined grains and these are often made into bread. Some vegetables, like potatoes, contain large amount of carbohydrates. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates-rich foods, then you should expect a few inches on your tummy. Carbohydrates, when not burned, can build up as fats around the tummy.

If the big tummies of alcoholics have not sent any warnings for you, then the facts about alcohol will make you stop drinking any. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and when drinking alcohol, it will surely want you to drink more and more. Even with proper exercise, you might be accumulating few inches on places you don’t want them to be.

Dairy Products
Cheese, milk and all dairy products are really tasty, and even people who seem to have intolerance in dairy products still can’t get enough of it. But if you want to really have a flat bell, you should avoid dairy products and resist the temptation. Though dairy products are deemed to be the best source of calcium, but also contains unhealthy fats and calories. You may always get the right amount of calcium from other vegetables and foods that will not cause a little extra inch on the belly.

Salty Snacks
Chips, popcorn, French fries and other salty snacks can add the unnecessary inches on your tummy area. Besides from being extremely unhealthy, these foods are greasy and hard to break down. And because of its salt content, there is a big chance of water retention in areas you don’t want it to be. These snacks have also been linked to diseases that can cause your life, such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Fruit Juices
Fruit juices are supposed to be healthy, right? Yes, fruit juices can be healthy but not necessary great for keeping your tummy flat. Fruit juices can contain more calories than you can imagine. If you must drink fruit juices, add in some leafy veggies and limit to only one glass per day. Anything more and you can expect a bigger tummy.
Of course, there are other things that you must ensure besides avoiding these foods. Having the diet that works for you and a regular exercise to work on your belly can help a lot in order to get the flatter tummy you’ve always wished for.