Take A Spoon On An Empty Stomach For Seven Days : You’ll Be Amazed Of How Much Weight You Will Lose


Garlic is one of the best natural remedies for numerous health problems. It is also a frequently used spice in many cuisines around the world due to its great flavor and health benefits.


Consuming garlic raw is the best way to benefit from it. Eating the vegetable often will regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol, effectively preventing cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Besides protecting your heart and blood vessels, garlic will also help you eliminate colds, the flu, diarrhea, bug bites and fungal infections.

Consuming garlic every day will strengthen your immune system and clean your body of toxins, which will result in reduction of fat. Combining the healthy vegetable with onions and ginger can even help you recover from the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

How to consume garlic?

As we mentioned before, garlic is best eaten raw, as its active ingredient allicin is destroyed by high temperatures. We recommend crushing a garlic clove and leaving it for 15 minutes before consumption, which will make the allicin bioavailable. You should also make sure you’re eating garlic on an empty stomach in order to absorb all of its nutrients.

Raw garlic and honey mixture

Chop 2-3 garlic cloves and mix them with a tablespoon of honey and consume the mixture every day to regain your energy and lose weight.