The Boiled Egg Diet: Lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks.


According to certified nutritionists, scientists and doctors, if you want to achieve results in losing weight fast, then boiled eggs are your best choice.

Supplement companies and self-appointed experts soon picked up on this, making impossible promises about low-fat diets.Eggs were once vilified in the past due to their cholesterol, a mainstream misconception that duped the weight loss community.

This spawned an entire industry of ineffective, tortuous diets…one of the most painful mistakes in the weight loss world, sabotaging the health of millions.

Is the Boiled Egg Diet Safe?

Here’s what the experts say…

According to the National Commission on Egg Nutrition:

“There is absolutely no scientific proof that eating good, wholesome fresh eggs increases the risk of heart attack.”

Dr. John Yudkin, Professor Emeritus of Nutrition at the University of London, explains that there is no link between eggs and coronary thrombosis:

“The triglyceride level in the blood is a much better indicator of coronary risk than cholesterol”.

Blood triglycerides, by the way, is determined by how much sugar we eat.

Most notably, hospital experiments with burn victims who were fed three dozen eggs a day, were shown to have a lower cholesterol count that when they were put on a low-fat diet!


Fast Weight Loss vs Long-Term Approach.

Chances are you’ve heard that any eating plan you use should follow a long-term approach.

That’s excellent advice.

However, if your diet plan (as opposed to eating plan) is designed to span months, this can be a motivation killer.

A Definite Deadline.

One of the reasons the boiled egg diet helps you conquer your weight loss struggle is that it has a definite deadline.

Two weeks is optimal because that’s how long it can take to form long-term habits (although this is now under debate).

Two weeks is also long enough to see great results, but short enough to stay motivated.

In many, many cases, the initial transformation is so remarkable, it provides abundant motivation for continued fat burning…success breeds success.


Lose Weight at a Frightening Speed & Vaporize Your Fat!

The boiled egg diet is simple, quick and easy; anyone can do it.

You don’t have to spend hours preparing meals (who has time for that?), and boiled eggs make the perfect, portable snack as you’re heading out the door.

So if your hopes were high, but the scales just aren’t going down, then try the groundbreaking boiled egg diet.


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