“The Vacuum” Exercise is the New Trend for a Thinner Waist


Your waist is the reason why you can’t wear your favorite dresses. I know you looked sexy in them.

The food you are making is too delicious, and you can’t resist eating more than you are “allowed” to eat.

It’s getting cold outside, so you now have another excuse to avoid going to the gym.

Cheer up. There is something you can do at home.

I’m talking about the new trend that took over the world in a second. It’s called the vacuum exercise.
Build Muscle 101

I’ve heard about this exercise from my husband a long ago, but we’ve never practiced it.

The exercise is a simple abdominal move. It targets the transversus abdominis. You know, those muscles that lie right under the rectus abdominals.

The best thing about these muscles is that they act as a perfect corset. They keep your waistline tight and sexy.


You can attack these muscles by doing the vacuum, but if you feel uncomfortable doing it, there is always the good old plank exercise.

So, How to Do It?

Check out the video that will give you the best image of how to perform this exercise.

The instructions start at 1:55


The best time to perform the exercise is in the morning when your stomach is empty.

I guess you are a beginner in this new exercise world, so try not to force things up.

Complete 3 sets of 10 seconds. Slightly increase the time a week after and after that.

You will see the progress after a month.

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