Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee

Pouring Vietnamese coffee is a ritual. The smell of the roasted beans and chicory fill your kitchen and it’s hard to resist taking a sip before you’re even done brewing the drink. This hot, sweetened black coffee is traditionally brewed in an iced glass with condensed milk on top. It’s brewed strong with plenty of ground beans for flavor, but not so much that the grounds will sink to the bottom of your cup like they do when you make Turkish coffee (which we’ll talk about another time). Enjoy this video guide from Epicurious as they show you how to brew Vietnamese Coffee at home!

prep: 10 mins, total: 10 mins, Servings: 1, Yield: 1 coffee


1 teaspoon hot cocoa mix (such as Godiva®), or more to taste (Optional)

⅔ cup strong brewed coffee

2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk, or more to taste

1 teaspoon non-dairy creamer (such as Coffee-Mate®), or more to taste


Pour some boiling water in a glass. Let sit to warm the glass, about 1 minute. Pour out water.

Pour condensed milk into the warmed glass. Top with coffee. Stir in creamer and hot cocoa mix.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 158 calories; protein 3.4g; carbohydrates 26.1g; fat 5.1g; cholesterol 12.8mg; sodium 64.5mg.

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