Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

Whiskey Drinks Recipes

It’s that time of year again when you’re trying to find the perfect cocktail ideas for your upcoming holiday party. And while mulled wine and spiked eggnog are great options, why not try something new? Our whiskey ginger cocktail is a refreshing take on the classic Moscow Mule recipe. Not only will it be a hit with adults at your party but kids love this easy-to-make drink too!
Moms, this is one of our favorite recipes you can make in just minutes before your guests arrive! It’s also an excellent option for moms who are hosting their own event. Plus, it uses ingredients that are easily accessible in any grocery store which means there is no need to go out shopping or spend hours making drinks!

prep: 5 mins, total: 5 mins, Servings: 1, Yield: 1 cocktail


2 fluid ounces rye whiskey


2 fluid ounces ginger ale, or to taste


Fill a tall cocktail glass with ice. Stir in whiskey and ginger ale.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 160 calories; carbohydrates 5.3g; sodium 15.4mg.

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