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The last thing you want to tell your children before bed is “Don’t drink soda.” But, if they’re anything like me, they love the flavor of a good glass of pop. Sometimes it’s just not practical to make your own sodas all the time or store them in the fridge for an on-demand fix. I’ve found that some pre-made sodas are loaded with artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that aren’t so great for my family. My favorite alternative? A delicious recipe for Yoda Soda that will have everyone saying “yum!”

prep: 5 mins, total: 5 mins, Servings: 12, Yield: 12 cups


1 quart lime sherbet

1 (2 liter) bottle ginger ale (such as Canada Dry®)


Heat lime sherbet in the microwave to defrost slightly, about 10 seconds. Place in a large serving bowl and cut into small chunks. Pour in enough ginger ale to cover sherbet and fill bowl.

Nutrition Facts:

Per Serving: 147 calories; protein 0.7g; carbohydrates 33.9g; fat 1.3g; cholesterol 3.9mg; sodium 49.8mg.

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